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Silver Conductive Pen 8420-P


Trace Width 1/32" (min.) 1/16" (average)
Resistivity 0.2 Ohms x mil
Dry Time 10 minutes at room temperature
Fill 8.5 grams
Quick drying, tough, durable acrylic bas pigmented with high purity silver. Excellent for repairing and modifying printed circuits. Silve content provides superior corrosion resistance. The microtip dispensing pen is ideal for precision application.

Nickel Print 840

Resistivity: 1 Ohm mil
  • Quick drying
  • Durable acrylic base pigmented with high purity flake
  • Excellent for repairing and modifying printed circuits and EMI / RFI shielding applications

 Super Shield Conductive Coating

Reduce or Elimniate EMI / RFI Interference
A general purpose EMI / RFI shielding spray for use on plastic electronics enclosures. Consists of a tough, durable acrylic base pigmented with a high purity nickel flake.

Super Shield Conductive Coating (#841)
  • Shielding effectivieness: One to two mil coating provides 40dB - 50dB shielding across a frequency range of 5 to 1800MHz.
  • Resistivity: 1 * mil
  • Dry time: 10 minutes at room temperature
  • Recoat time: 5 minutes
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastics
  • Available in both liquid and aerosol
  • Tested as per IEEE Std. 299-1997
  • Underwriters Laboratories Recognized File No.: E202609
  • Avaliable as 841-340g (12 oz) or Aerosol 841-4L (1.08 gals)
  • Liquid version available for dipping, brushing or spray gun applications.
  • Thinner is available for adjusting the viscosity.
  • NO CFC 'S, NO HCFC'S, Ozone Friendly


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