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Safety Wash Cleaner Degreaser

Cleans and degreases connectors, fibre optics, printed circuits, contacts, relays, swtches, and controls. Disolves flux, grease, oil, smoke, ink, organic soils, and inorganic soils.
Isopropyl alcohol
  • Static free
  • Zero residue
  • Safe on plastics
  • Safe for workers
  • Moderate evaporation
  • 100% Ozone safe
  • Good penetration
  • Kills bacteria and fungus
  • High threshold limit values
  • Variable valve allows controlled rate of flow
  • Excellent for ultrasonics
  • Flammable - not for use on live circuits
  • Extra effective with the use of M.G. Chemicals cat #852 and 853 hog hair cleaning brushes


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