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Audio & Video Converters, Extenders, Baluns, Splitters and Switches.


Prices Subject to Change

Most Converters, Extenders and Baluns in Stock

Products and Price will Vary, Call for Price and ETA


HDMI Splitters

1 X 2 Splitter $39.99 to $49.99

1 X 4 Splitter $79.99 and up.

1 x 8  Splitter $Call for Price & ETA


HDMI Active Equalizer Repeater/Extender Booster $39.99


HDMI Switches

3 Inputs to 1 output Basic Switch  $29.99 to $34.99

4 Inputs to 1 Output Switch With Remote $69.99


Video Converters & Extenders


HDMI to VGA Converters

VGA to HDMI Converters


HDMI to Composite (Single RCA Video) Converters

Composite (Single RCA Video) to HDMI Converters


HDMI to Component (3 RCA Video) Converters

Component (3 RCA Video) to HDMI Converters


HDMI over Cat5/Cat6 Extenders

HDMI over Coax Extenders


Audio Converters


Optical or Digital Coax Audio to Analog Audio (RCA or 3.5mm) Converter

Analog Audio (RCA or 3.5mm) to Optical or Digital Coax Audio Converter

Digital HDMI Audio to Analog Audio Converter

Turntable Audio Pre-Amp





Basic Video Baluns (BNC/RCA) over UTP (Unsheilded Twisted Pair)

Video/Audio/Power Balun over Cat5/Cat6 (UTP) for Security Cameras etc.

Camera Video/Power Cables 50FT and 100FT or RG59 with 2 DC Power wires .27 cents per Foot.

BNC and RCA Connectors and Adapters.  Camera DC Power Connectors and Power Cable Splitters.


Prices Subject to Change



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